Rifah Trust

Rifah Kifaalat Project

سكول / کا لج کی فیس یا بیوائوں، یتیموں اور نادار افراد کی ماہانہ امداد
کا پروجیکٹ

Little deeds of kindness, little words of love make our earth an Eden like the Heaven above.”

Rifah Trust is working for the welfare of society, especially the under privileged class. Under the Kifaalat project, monthly support is provided to deserving families, orphans, widows, disabled, etc. Moreover, education of college or university going female students is also supported under this project.

Deserving people get help for education (normally tuition fee, books and uniform) and health (costly medical tests and purchase of medicines) of their families.

Financial assistance is provided to overcome their miseries and difficulties.
Assistance is provided at the door steps. Vocational training is also arranged keeping in view the disability, and provision of ration to the deserving families is done under Taam-ul-Miskeen project.