Rifah Trust

Rifah Qarz-e-Hasna

ضرورت مند افراد کو اپنے پائوں پر کھڑا ہونے کے لیے قرض حسنہ کی سہولت

Since 2003, Rifah Trust has introduced Interest-free Micro Credit Financing programme for deserving unemployed people, as well as widows and orphans. The objective is to enable the under privileged people stand on their feet. Under this project, interest-free loans are given to deserving people, in order to setup a source of regular earning.

Many families have benefited from this loan scheme to recover from a financial set back, and re-establish some setup of regular earning.

Interest free loan of around Rs 10,000/- is given to the applicant, who returns the loan in 20 easy installments of Rs 500/- per month.